Thursday, January 29, 2015

Noteworthy & Upcoming Events

What a wonderful first month here at Lightning Quick Reads. We are thrilled and thankful that you've made it a point to stop in and read our work, leave a comment, discuss that theme of the month, like a post on our Facebook page, point your friends toward our blog, visit our websites, follow us on Twitter. Whatever it is you've done in January to interact with LQR - THANK YOU!

Our authors are always busy making new things happen. Here's a list of what is coming up. Please mark your calendars or follow the author individually if a particular event sparks your interest. As far as writing events are concerned - the more the merrier and we'd love to have you join in.

February Noteworthy Events:

February 3, Stuart R. West celebrates the release of a dark cat and mouse thriller with a very unhealthy stream of black comedy running through its veins. Serial killers have never been so much fun. 

Leon Garber has his reasons for ridding the world of abusive people, call it justifiable homicide.

Opportunity comes knocking from Like-Minded Individuals, Inc., a global company fulfilling the needs of people like Leon. LMI’s clientele are provided with new identities, security, and even lists of potential “projects.” But let’s not call it “serial killing.” Such a nasty business. For Leon, it’s a dream come true.

However, LMI’s put a target on Leon’s back. He has no idea why.

LMI, the police, sanctioned hitmen, and a vicious psychopath are after him. He collides with other Like-Minded Individuals: The Good Samaritan Killer, The Mad Doctor, Donnie and Marie (don’t ask). Heads are chopped, dropped and swapped as Leon fights for his life. But nothing will keep Leon from finishing his current project. Nothing. Not even the chance to fall in love with the woman of his dreams.

Sometimes a killer business idea is just that. Killer.

THE SECRET SOCIETY OF LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS is also available for pre-order.

February 9 - 13 THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT by Joan C. Curtis, virtual book tour with Giveaway. 

The blog tour with reviews will be hosted by Book Enthusiasts. There will be different links each day of the tour. Visit frequently and win a free copy of The Clock Strikes Midnight.

The Clock Strikes Midnight is a race against time in a quest for revenge and atonement. This is a story about hate, love, betrayal and forgiveness.

If you found out you had only 3 months to live, what would you do? That’s the question Janie Knox faces in this fast-paced mystery full of uncertainty and tension that will surprise you until the very last page.

Hiding behind the fa├žade of a normal life, Janie keeps her family secrets tucked inside a broken heart. Everything changes on the day she learns she’s going to die. With the clock ticking and her time running out, she rushes to finish what she couldn’t do when she was 17—destroy her mother’s killer. But she can’t do it alone.

Janie returns to her childhood home to elicit help from her sister. She faces more than she bargained for when she discovers her sister’s life in shambles. Meanwhile her mother’s convicted killer, her stepfather, recently released from prison, blackmails the sisters and plots to extract millions from the state in retribution. New revelations challenge Janie’s resolve, but she refuses to allow either time or her enemies to her stop her from uncovering the truth she’s held captive for over 20 years.

Tour starts on February 9th at Undercover Book Reviews and KC Stewart's blog.

February 15 - 28 Cover reveal of SUPER BAD: Super Villain Academy Bk 3 by Kai Strand.

Dozens of bloggers will be helping Ms. Strand celebrate the upcoming release of SUPER BAD the final book in her Super Villain Academy series. There will be prizes!

The world is in chaos. Violence and thievery reign. And with the supers still balanced, it’s only getting worse. Without good versus evil, the supers care less and less. In order to restore purpose, the world needs its super heroes and its super villains, but the one who balanced them in the first place is missing.

Sandra’s concern over finding her brother, Jeff, isn’t her only problem. Her pathetic excuse for super powers has left her needing a new ankle. And though she’s still very much committed to her boyfriend, Source, she’s growing unreasonably attracted to Set, the boy who double crossed Jeff by stealing his girlfriend.

When Sandra is taken and held as bait by some kids who want to unbalance the super world, it becomes the inciting event that changes things for supers everywhere and forces them to answer the question, “Hero or villain?”

Blast starts on Eric Price's blog on February 15th.


Coming in April: FINDING THOR, a young adult romantic suspense by Kai Strand

Cara Cassidy always envisioned love to be Thor, slamming his hammer into the earth, and it resonating within her for a lifetime. She never expected it would be a thousand tiny actions from a normal boy. When international intrigue hits small town America, more than the car chases get your blood pumping.

You can add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads and join Kai's mailing list to receive notification of release. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reader Flash - Share Your Own Story

Now it’s your turn. We’d love you to share your own GOALS inspired flash fiction. Usually flash is up to 100 words, but we understand all too well how difficult it can be sometimes to stay within those limits, so how about we allow up to 200 words.

Show us your writing chops. Post anonymously if you want, but keep it PG-13 rated. A good test is to ask yourself if you would want to read it to your teenager.

Leave your story in the comments and feel free to leave encouraging comments for other flashers! 

Return on January 27th for Stuart R. West's GOALS inspired short.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Time to Talk Goals

Since the stories all revolve around a single theme, it naturally makes you see that subject from all different viewpoints. We are raising a couple different talking topics and invite you to share your thoughts. If a thought struck you while reading a story that wasn’t raised in one of the discussion posts, please bring it up in comments. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly side of GOALS:


Eric Price raised an interesting thought in a comment on Joan Curtis’s story. He wondered if anyone would approach this month’s topic from the view that the main character reached their goals only to find out it wasn’t what they wanted. Personally, I think of the scores of people I know who have a college degree or some sort of technical or trade certification in one field, yet are working in a different field completely. Has this happened to anyone? Was it due to a waning interest once you delved deep into the subject or was it simply because you couldn’t find work that utilized your education and training? Has anyone else achieved a goal only to realize it wasn’t a good thing to strive for or perhaps were surprised by the lackluster results upon achieving it?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spotlight on Fantasy Author, Rosalie Skinner

Rosalie Skinner resides on the east coast of Australia when not totally immersed in the fantasy world of her writing.

Rosalie’s love of the ocean, nature, history and horses has enabled her to give her books an authentic air. Her latest achievement has been to ride through the Australian Snowy mountains and see the wild brumbies run. When not watching the migrating whales pass her doorstep she has more humble pastimes.

Other than being a published author, her greatest thrill is being a grandmother. Born over fourteen weeks early her granddaughter’s perfect development and growth are a miracle and joy.

Thanks for visiting with us, Rosalie. Tell our readers a little about you. 

Rosalie: I am a portrait painter, and avid reader, turned writer. Also I am a grandmother, and that’s about it. 

If you had to pick only one moment that spurred you to write professionally, what moment is the most inciting?

Rosalie: That’s easy. I began writing when the local library ran out of books and my favorite authors took too long to write and release a new book. Now I know why it took so long between releases.

What an awesome way to come into your career. Does the majority of your work focus within a single theme? If so, what is it?

Rosalie: The general theme running through the Chronicles of Caleath comes from watching a young adult come to terms with chronic illness. Actually three chronic illnesses. Debilitating but not life threatening. To see a successful future and career dissolve, to watch the courage and strength needed to carry on and despite everything become an inspiration to others gave me all the material and background for eight books. The journey of my hero is very loosely a parallel to the struggle I witnessed.

What are you currently working on?

Rosalie: At present I am working on a fantasy novel set in pre iron age, stone age environment. The hero’s quest is to convince his tribe to pack up and sail across the sea before volcanoes and rising oceans swallow their island. As in the Chronicles of Caleath, there is a mix of sci fi with fantasy.

After eight books in the Chronicles of Caleath series, is it scary or exciting to enter a new world?

Rosalie: Interesting question. I was reluctant to leave the world of the Chronicles. I completed a new story, a breakaway story, but it didn't work out well. For this year's Nanowrimo I decided to take a new path and start in a different world. The story worked. As much as I didn't want to leave Caleath's adventures, or his world, I have found it refreshing and inspiring to explore a new set of characters, situations and adventures. Of course I couldn't resist a mix of sci fi with my fantasy. There are still dragons in the new world. For my granddaughter there is a race of sea people. She loves mermaids. For a new companion for my hero I have a ferret. So, it's a change and has been lots of fun. Now comes the hard part of polishing the story.

What is one of your favorite authorial moments from your career so far?

Rosalie: Readers’ reactions. When the phone rang from a reader had bought the books in paperback, read them and wanted the next one. She contacted the shop and when she discovered the author was local, she contacted me. That was wonderful. Another reader said the dragon scene in Exiled: The Legacy of Lathraine’s Pledge, was etched into her mind. That’s the sort of comment you cherish.

Share with us a five year and ten year goal for your writing career.

Rosalie: Five years from now I hope to still be writing. Ditto, ten years. Of course, being able to sell enough books to focus  on writing would be the ultimate goal.

Do you write what you read? Watch? What are your favorite television shows and movies?

Rosalie: When I began writing fantasy I decided to limit my reading of that genre, just in case I inadvertently ‘borrowed’ ideas from other authors. I could still read and enjoy my crime, historic, and mystery novels and watch all the fantasy and sci fi shows. From Dr Who, to Game of Thrones…you name it I will watch it.

If you had one week away from any and all responsibility what would you want to spend your time doing?

Rosalie: As I answer your questions I am in the middle of a week away on a writers’ retreat. A dream I have long wished to indulge. So, the answer is easy…I am writing, chatting with other authors, discussing plots, characters, all things writing, working on my new novel, and when not writing, swimming. Sound perfect… So far, it’s been great.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Rosalie: I am thrilled to be part of this blog, writing short stories and exploring various themes through the year. Thanks, Kai, for allowing me to join in.

On behalf of our readers, thank you for being a part of Lightning Quick Reads! Readers you can find even more information about Rosalie and her books here: Rosalie Skinner Author, Ramblings from Lady Rosalie
Come back tomorrow for Katie Carroll's GOALS inspired short story.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January's Theme

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to our brand new blog. We hope you will find lots of entertainment here and we look forward to sharing thoughts and feelings about our blog themes, our short stories, our events, and anything else that you want to talk about with us.

I’m not crazy about the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but I can identify with setting goals. defines the word goal as:

1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
2. the terminal point in a race.
3. a pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated.
4. an area, basket, cage, or other object or structure toward or into which players of various games attempt to throw, carry, kick, hit, or drive a ball, puck, etc., to score a point or points.
5. the act of throwing, carrying, kicking, driving, etc., a ball or puck into such an area or object.
6. the score made by this act.

Lightning Quick Reads is a themed blog and January’s theme is GOALS. As you can see, even agrees that the word may be interpreted differently by our LQR authors. Add in the fact that some might wrap it within a mystery, another might send it into space on a Sci Fi adventure, another may weave it in a fantasy, and one or more authors might write contemporary or non-fiction. And that is the idea behind the blog. As a reader you will get to know our authors a little more intimately because first you learn what the theme of the month is – it is likely you will define the theme on your own as soon as you read it – and then you will continually be taken by surprise on how the theme is delivered with one unique twist after another by each of our authors.
Heads up – make a note of YOUR interpretation, because we will ask you to share your own GOALS-oriented flash fiction later this month.

We will even be discussing goals later in the month, and hope you will have input on your best successes of achieving a goal, or share some goal related questions.

Welcome to 2015. Thanks for reading LIGHTNING QUICK READS. Enjoy the month!