Thursday, February 19, 2015

Time to Talk Love

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Because LIGHTNING QUICK READS is a themed, blog we like to encourage discussion about the monthly theme. To encourage some give and take, we raise a few questions of our own that we'd love to hear your input on, but we want you to feel comfortable to ask a question of your own. So, let's talk about love!


This is a discussion I had with my daughter a few times when she was younger. I never, ever wanted to dismiss her feelings or belittle them, but I felt it was important to explain that I believed the love a teenager experiences isn't the same love they will experience as an adult. I do think teenagers can fall in love. BUT I don't believe the love we fall into as a teenagers is the same kind of love needed to endure without some growth and maturity. There are so many life events that teach us to value our love, loss, struggle, helplessness - just to name a few.

What do you think about teen love? Go ahead and throw tomatoes if you feel I deserve it, but tell us how you feel about teenage love. Real or pretend?

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