Sunday, March 1, 2015

March's Theme by Eric Price

“I know what you're thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”—Dirty Harry Callahan1

Welcome to Lightning Quick Reads for March, where we explore the theme: Luck. What did you expect for the theme? Movies from the 70s? Well, did ya, punk? We can do that some other time. So let’s get to this. ‘Coffy’ anyone?

I felt lucky when Kai asked me to poison your mind write this into. But what is luck? Finding yourself in the right place at the right time? Some pre-destined outcome? We have lucky objects such as a rabbit’s foot… well, not lucky for the rabbit. And what about all the idioms? Down on your luck. Luck of the draw. Born under a lucky star. Get lucky.

“You're lucky, he's lucky, I'm lucky, we're all lucky!”2 As a reader, you’re going to get lucky when I dive back into science fiction for, at least, the next four months. (I haven’t published, or written, a science fiction story since 2011. Though I did have a short science fiction poem published in April 2013.) Of course, if you don’t like science fiction, or my writing, then I guess you’re unlucky. I don’t know what the others are writing about, so you may get lucky and like something they have to say.

“I'm gonna make [you] an offer [you] cannot refuse.”3 Come back here periodically throughout the month, and you can read the different ways our twelve authors choose to handle luck. On the 19th, we’ll discuss luck at the round table in Camelot. “No, on second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. ‘Tis a silly place.”4 Instead we’ll do it right here at LQR. “Which one of you nuts has got any guts?”5 On the 25th you can share your own luck themed flash fiction. With all this luck, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”6

“But enough of words, actions speak louder than. Action now. Observe all.”7

The ‘Lucky 7’ Movie Quotes
1)  Dirty Harry (1971)
2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
3) The Godfather (1972)
4) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
5)  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest (1975)
6)  Jaws (1975)
7)  A Clockwork Orange (1971)

And an honorable mention to Coffy (1973), which was lucky enough to get referred to by name. Four of these movies started life as a book. I highly recommend them all.

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