Monday, June 1, 2015

June Theme: At Camp

Summer is right around the corner. That means kids and families everywhere are dusting off their sleeping bags and tents to get ready for camping adventures.

Here at Lightning Quick Reads we have a month full of camp-related stories all ready for you to read. Where will we go? A medieval camp? A soccer camp? A family vacation? A zombie camp? There’s no telling where each one of these unique authors will take you next.

Do you have special camping memories? Are they from summer camp or camping trips?

I remember going to summer camp as a kid, packing all my supplies up the hill to the cabins like a mule. Giving up showers for a week, because if you wanted a warm one, then you had to be up before the sun and what 8-13 year old kid wanted to do that? Singing silly camp songs, crafts, and swimming…these are all imprinted into my childhood memories. So, you would think I’d still have an affinity for climbing into a sleeping bag on a summer’s night when in fact I do not. I guess that whole no showering thing sort of lost its appeal along the way.

That’s why I’m so excited for this month’s camp themed stories—all the camping adventure right from the comfort of my climate-controlled, pest-free living room.

So, grab your hot dogs and marshmallows. Stoke those blazing campfires because here on Lightning Quick Reads we’re taking you to camp.

Hope you enjoy!

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