Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let's Talk Growth!

Spring brings to mind buds on the trees, daffodils, bunnies, chicks. Birth or rebirth. New growth.

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But, for the sake of our discussion board this month, I thought I'd play devil's advocate. Imagine your family lives hand to mouth. Barely squeaking by on finances in a normal month, but the budget is devastated if a tire blows on the car or burning the candle at both ends gives you pneumonia. Deciding a change is in order, you work hard to keep your job, keep the household going, keep the kids focused on school and off the streets, pay sufficient, quality attention to your spouse, all while you study your way through school in order to get a better job and change your family's situation. Finally the years of hard work pay off. You land a good paying job and you're even being recognized by management.

But whenever you come home and share a story from work, your spouse curls a lip, barely pays attention. Even accuses you of liking a new co-worker more. Without the proper nutrition, your new growth withers and dies.

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Growth is generally thought of in a positive sense, but there can be a darker side. Do you have any cautionary tales, inadvertent consequences, questions or advice to share?

Or maybe you'd prefer to share inspiration. You like to discuss only the vines that flourish and bear fruit. That's fine. We'll take that too. Have you set a personal goal that will help you grow professionally, spiritually, or personally? Perhaps you've already reached one and want to list the steps you took to stay on task. Maybe you are a literal person and would like to share your top 5 tips to awakening your spring landscape.

It's April. Spring is in the air (in many places, anyway.) Spark the conversation. Let's grow together.

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