Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Noteworthy and Upcoming Events

In April we ushered in spring by exploring the topic of new growth. Growth in character, spirit, plants, you name it.

Again, our readership remained steady and we truly appreciate those who take the time to stop in and read our work. So much so, that we have something special planned in May. Be sure to stop in on May 1st to learn more about what that is. And then come back often in May – we’ll make it worth your while.

As usual our authors are busy writing, blogging, promoting, and living life.

May Noteworthy Events

May 6Kai Strand celebrates the release of the final book in her Super Villain Academy series, Super Bad.

The world is in chaos. Violence and thievery reign. And with the supers still balanced, it’s only getting worse. Without good versus evil, the supers care less and less. In order to restore purpose, the world needs its super heroes and its super villains, but the one who balanced them in the first place is missing.

Sandra’s concern over finding her brother, Jeff, isn’t her only problem. Her pathetic excuse for super powers has left her needing a new ankle. And though she’s still very much committed to her boyfriend, Source, she’s growing unreasonably attracted to Set, the boy who double crossed Jeff by stealing his girlfriend.

When Sandra is taken and held as bait by some kids who want to unbalance the super world, it becomes the inciting event that changes things for supers everywhere and forces them to answer the question, “Hero or villain?”

Super Bad is available for pre-order:

Or check out the whole Super Villain Academy series available in print and electronic formats:

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