Friday, May 1, 2015

Unbelievably Lucky Readers!

Clearly I was chosen to introduce this month’s LQR theme of “the unbelievable” for several reasons. First, I’m unbelievably dumb at times. Second, my books lean toward the unbelievable: teen male witches, undead action heroines, suburban Satanists, ghosts, a corporation that sponsors serial killers. And my just released eighth novel, Zombie Rapture, details sentient zombies who believe they’re now living in Heaven on earth. Unbelievable. (It's the zombie book for people who don't like zombie books).

But let’s break “unbelievable” down. Strange word, really. The fact people actually contemplate unbelievable things, ponder such thoughts, lends the unbelievable credibility. And doesn’t that sorta’ negate the entire unbelievability of it all? Words are powerful, consideration makes them even stronger.

Whether it’s sparkly vampires, sexy werewolves, lil’ green men, friendly ghosts, fairy princesses, trustworthy politicians--whatever--readers are attracted to such themes in fiction. Even though they might not admit it, of course. No one wants to sound like the idiot Midwesterner who’s constantly being abducted by aliens. Heck, I even understand some people are buying into the notion of a romantic millionaire S&M guy, the biggest fantasy of them all, preposterous shades of grey. But people keep returning to the “unbelievable.” Why?

Escapism? An attempt to wrangle order on a chaotic world? Beats me. 

I’ve listed some of the more extreme “unbelievable” examples out there. But, truly, the unbelievable surrounds us every day. Just not in such grand detail. How about when you’re thinking of an acquaintance you haven’t talked to in years and suddenly she appears at the grocery store thumping watermelons? Or the sunglasses you absolutely knew you lost miraculously reappear in a place you’re certain you’ve searched before. Or when you mind-read your significant other?

Ta-dah! The unbelievable! Something’s going on in this universe. When someone figures it out, clue me in.

Which is why I think this month on LQR is gonna’ be a blast. Can’t wait to see what the writers come up with. I want to believe!

The most unbelievable thing of all, though? This month, LQR is going to give away a $10 Amazon gift card! To one of you lucky readers! All you have to do is comment. Your name will be tossed in a hat and the random winner scores!

Unbelievable. Now…let’s move on to some unbelievable tales…

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