Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's Talk About the Unbelievable

I lived in Southern California. Flew to Maui for vacation. Traveled by schooner to the island of Molokai. (Through the worst trade winds in years and I get seasick on a rolling chair. Ugh. Anyway…) Rode in a Jeep up to the top of the mountain to visit a macadamia nut farm. During the presentation on how they grow and harvest the nuts I heard a couple people talking with heavy Mid-western accents. I asked, “Are you from Wisconsin?” They replied, “Yes. Brown Deer.”

I grew up in Brown Deer. The population of Brown Deer when I moved away in 1980 was 12,582 – it pretty much still is. It completely floored me that I was standing on top of a mountain on the island of Molokai talking to people from Brown Deer. What are the odds of that?

My husband traveled from our home in Oregon to Baltimore for work. A friend of ours, who lives in Southern California was in Washington DC on a business trip, but had to attend an event in Baltimore that night. They both checked in on Facebook and saw they were in the same town and made arrangements to stop and visit over a quick cup of coffee.

Those kinds of coincidences are unbelievable to me. Everything that had to line up so they were even discovered is pretty unbelievable.

What sort of events, coincidences, or happenstance have you been involved in or witnessed that left you gaping in wonder? Don't forget that each comment on our posts this month enters you into the drawing for a gift card. Click on the May Giveaway link above for details, but really, it's simple...leave a comment! 

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