Thursday, October 1, 2015


Boo! Are you shaking in your boots?

The woman walks along the darkened street. She looks from right to left but sees no one. Her pace quickens. Footfalls sound behind her. Her pace quickens. She wants to turn but instead she continues, her gaze forward, her heart thudding. The streetlight reveals a shadow approaching from the back. Just as she’s about to step into the light, a hand grabs around her waist.

Yikes! Maybe that had you shaking?

This month the talented LQR writers will aim to put the fear of death in you. Their challenge is to write “scary” stories. Some might use the theme to write thrillers or blood curdling ghost tales. Others might find different ways to remind you that this month the lights dim and the jack-o-lantern grins behind a half-curtained window. It’s Halloween time!

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