Thursday, December 31, 2015

...and Finally

Authors have words for all occasions, but they don't all come easily. Especially when it's hard to say goodbye. But the LQR authors have put words together to form some final messages for you, our readers:

From Meradeth Houston:

-Thanks so much to everyone who read our stories! I know I had a blast writing mine, and getting to read the others here. A big shout-out to Kai, too, for all her hard work getting us organized!

From Stewart West:

I'd like to thank Kai Strand for hosting the blog and all of the other wonderful writers I've been sharing the blog with. I'm sure we can all agree it was stressful at times meeting a monthly writing deadline (if I had any hair, I'd have pulled it out). But, hey, we made it! On to a new year of writing. And thanks to all the readers who've followed us through good, bad and "meh." It's been a blast.

From Crystal Collier:

A HUGE thank you to all you wonderful people who read, shared, enjoyed and cheered for our characters. It has been such a rush and such a wonderful year. For anyone who’d like a hardcopy (or digital one), Raybourne Publishing will release a print and eBook of my year’s contributions (including other never-before seen short stories) in the coming months. Shoot me your email HERE and I’ll keep you in the loop.

From Dianne Hartsock:

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to our readers for taking the time to visit us. You’re the ones who breathe life into our stories and motivate us to keep doing what we do. You make the hard work worthwhile.

From Katie Carroll:

Readers are what make an author's world go round! Seriously, without readers the writing life wouldn't be nearly as rewarding, so thank you all for reading.

From Meg Gray:

Dear Readers,
Thank you for your continued support of our writing. You readers make all the hours behind the keyboard worth it, by responding and sharing our work with others. Thanks again for checking us out on LQR. It's been a pleasure writing for you.

From Joan Curtis:

To the readers: Thank you for joining us this year. I hope you enjoyed the fast little reads. I plan to post my stories on my blog. If you missed one or want to read it again, join me on my blog Happy reading!

And finally from me, Kai Strand:

I've loved the collaboration of working with these fine authors. We've enjoyed our year with you, readers, and hope you'll stick with us-through our websites, our newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, our blogs-as we continue to create. If you want to visit us online, click on our pictures in the sidebar, they'll be around through 2016.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. And always keep reading!

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