Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Casting Couch on #LQR

This is the day we usually put a #LQR author in the spotlight, but we've already subjected all of our authors to the magnifying glass so now we're going to have some fun by getting to know their books a little better. We asked our authors if they were to don the cap of casting agent for one of their books, who would they sign to play the top roles?

First up Dianne Hartsock says of her psychological thriller, Alex (available on Amazon)

Anton Yelchin as Alex because he did such a great job as Odd Thomas.
Emma Watson as Jane because Jane needs a strong woman to do her justice.

Sean Bean as Jack Gibson because he can do evil so well.
Next is Stuart West. He's casting his murder mystery Secret Society of Like Minded Individuals

Let's my conflicted serial killer with a heart of gold anti-hero, Leon Garber, I would definitely cast Donald Trump. Yeah...that feels right. I want to see his hair perform like I know it can. As Cody Spangler, the hot-headed, troubled, hipster serial killer antagonist, I see Sean Penn. Just with lots and lots of Botox, blurry filters and youthful make-up. 

I'll give you all a moment to stop laughing...

Now, we have Crystal Collier who is too picky to settle for specific actors/actresses, but will give us some eye candy to introduce us to characters from her young adult fantasy, Moonless

Alexia, how I really see her, but with curly hair and brilliant green eyes.:

Alexia is a determined young woman, a bit against the grain (especially for her era) who challenges the dark and fears that the man of her dreams is more of a nightmare.

Kiren carries the weight of the world and is never far ahead or behind the shadowy wraiths known as the Soulless.

Bellezza has no qualms with killing or initiating a war to get what she wants, and she especially enjoys head games.
Katie Carroll is tempting us with the cast for her young adult fantasy, Elixir Bound

It would be awesome to have real live sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning play fictional sisters Katora and Kylene Kase, respectively. They have just the look I imagined for the Kase sisters, right down to the younger sister being taller than the older one!
If contemporary romance is more your style, Meg Gray offers her ideal cast for her holiday romance Something To Remember.

I would cast Olivia Wilde as Ava because she'd completely nail the big-city attitude of the character. As my leading man Lane, I would cast Chris Pine, because I can only imagine how good he'd look in flannel. And finally as Mama Hart, I cast Meredith Baxter because she's one of my favorite actresses when it comes to holiday specials.
What do you say #LQR readers? Any of your favorite actors in the mix? What are some of your favorite books that you'd like to see made into movies?

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