Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Theme: GIFT

Lightning Quick Reads...
Our gift to you...
It is hard to believe a year has passed since we started this blog event. Lightning Quick Reads began as the gifted idea of talented author Kai Strand. To be part of this blog is in itself a gift. A generous and welcome gift of belonging, of being challenged, part of a family of authors, part of a terrific project and a brilliant collection of short stories.

With each post the author's have given of themselves, their gift to the group and to readers is ongoing. They have taken the time and effort to create new and inspired tales for each topic. The challenge to meet deadlines, keep to themes, to ensure quality and interesting tales is a challenge each author has accepted and donated as a gift to the group.

Christmas is the traditional time for gift giving. The celebration of sharing, of family, friends, of religious ceremonies and the holiday season. While the commercial side of gift giving is thrust upon us through the media, there are ways to show gratitude, care and love through thoughtful gifts that cost nothing but effort.

Kai  has provided us with a place to share that type of precious and meaningful gift.

This year of Lightning Quick reads has been an amazing kaleidoscope of different talents, styles, stories, themes, perspectives from an incredible and diverse group of generous authors.

I would like to raise a 'virtual' glass to toast the participants of the blog, both the authors and those who have followed each month's offerings. Cheers! Congratulations to each of you. May the year end on a happy, healthy note and may 2016 bring more great short stories into your life.

Now, to enjoy December's gift to you. Another month of Lightning Quick reads.

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